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This is a single-player, wave based, arena twin-stick-shooter with a Godot Engine theme.

Rules and Gameplay

  • Defeat waves of enemies to collect coins and add points to your score
  • You can choose either day or night time lighting. Night mode has a higher system requirement
  • Player abilities:
    • Primary attack: low damage rapid fire shot
    • Secondary attack: high damage spread shot, consumes ammo
    • Ultimate attack: launch a singularity that pulls in enemies then explodes dealing massive damage, consumes energy
  • Ammo boxes will drop if you kill 2 or more enemies in one shot
  • Health packs will drop if your health is below 50%
  • Energy replenishes over time and will also increase by dealing damage
  • Enemy abilities:
    • Long range laser bolt attack 
    • Short range electric attack
  • After every 5 waves the difficulty will increase:
    • enemy +health and +speed
    • enemy attack +damage, speed and laser bolt volley count
    • enemy +spawns per wave
    • player +secondary ammo limit
    • player -health drop threshold
    • player +score and +coin drops 


  • Fake 3D effect for characters by using layered 2D sprites. 
  • 2D lights and shadows
  • Normal maps for 2D sprites
  • 2D shader effects
  • Multiple viewports to combine light and shader effects
  • Parallax background
  • Sound effects with 2D positioning
  • Music tracks with shuffling
  • Audio buses for controlling sound effect and music volumes
  • Rebind controls for keyboard/mouse and gamepad
    • In Settings - Controls; click to select key/button cell you want to change then click again to capture the new control (cell will be orange in capture mode)
  • Fullscreen support
  • Vsync toggle support
  • Save game settings to configuration file
  • Encrypting save file (high score table)
  • Steering Behaviours for AI movement
  • State machine based AI decision making


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godotron-win32.zip 31 MB
godotron-win64.zip 33 MB
godotron-linux.zip 33 MB
godotron-mac-osx.zip 47 MB


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Hey, do you think this could be open-source?


An open source version is a possibility, if there is enough interest and probably after Godot v3.1 is released. I definitely want to do an update on this game with Godot v3.1. It will have the new input axis system and hopefully viewport sprites are completely fixed so I can implement better lighting in game.